Kalea Beach Resort

Kalea Beach is located in the South East of Siau Island.

Kalea Beach Resort is the only resort in Siau island, about 20 minutes from the harbour in Ulu. With our own beautiful, private white sandy beach and coral reef, the resort consists of traditional wooden cottages, each accommodating two people.

Siau is dominated by Karangetang, an active volcano. You have a clear view (at a safe distance!) from our beach: the constant eruptions are particularly spectacular at night.

The island is surrounded by the crystal blue water of the Celebes sea, fringed with white beaches and coral reefs. This provides the ideal habitat for sea life and birds, including green turtles (which lay their eggs on our beach) and kingfishers to name a few.

Siau is blanketed with lush green nutmeg and clove trees. A wide variety of wildlife thrives in this  environment including tarsius, fruit bats, and cuscus.

There are ATM’s - Visa and Mastercard - in Ulu (20 minutes away) and Ondong.

Our staff pride themselves on their high standard of customer service.