As the sun disappears our staff can show you one of the world's rarest primates near our resort. The Siau Tarsier. At only 12cm long and the only carnivorous mammal it is a pocket sized hunter. They have the largest eyes of any mammal compared to body size and large ears for ultra sonic hearing. These features open up the night for hunting eating mainly insects. They are minature assassins - jumping up to 40 times their body length in the trees.

As well as Tarsier, fruit bats can be heard calling in the night from the trees surrounding the resort.

When the moon is full watch green turtles crawling up the beach to lay their eggs. This could be your once in a lifetime chance to see this amazing spectacle.

Birds unique to Siau can be seen and heard from the bungalows. While on remote spots inland and on beaches nests of the Megapode bird or Maleo can be found.

Also commonly found on our resort are Coconut Crabs, Cuscus and various reptiles.