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Kalea Beach Resort
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Getting There

The nearest International Airport is Manado, N. Sulawesi. It has international flights to Singapore with Silk Air and China with Lion Air. There are also daily domestic flights to manado from many parts of Indonesia including Jakarta and Bali. Lion Air, Garuda, Batavia, and Merpati Airlines are some that serve these routes. 

Siau air strip is currently under construction to accommodate direct flights to and from Manado airport, but for the time being access to the island is by boat only.

These depart the mainland every day, you can choose the slower night boats or the faster day boats.

The night boats normally take about 6 to 8 hours. They all leave from the night boat harbour in Manado and arrive at Ulu harbour in Siau. They usually depart at 5pm but this cannot be guaranteed so check the schedule on the wall by the ticket office.

The fast boats depart at 9 am from the fast boat harbour in Manado and take 3 and a half hours to get to Siau. From Monday to Saturday they arrive at Ulu harbour, about 20 minutes away from Kalea Beach Resort, but on Sunday they arrive at Pehe harbour near Ondong on the West side of the island.

There are also two car ferries from mainland Sulawesi. The Loho Raung departs from Munte near Likupang and the Lokong Banua departs from Bitung. Both dock at Ulu harbour.
We can pick you up and drop you off. There is a pick up/drop off charge (of 125,000 Rp per person or 375,000 Rp for more than 3 persons) by chartered public transport or by scooter for 150,000 Rp.